Delivering powerful presentations of your value proposition during scale-up stage: secrets of influencing potential investors and stakeholders

Interactive workshop for the understanding of modern communication tools and neuroscience of communication. The goal is, for participants to improve their level of effectively communicating their value proposition to potential investors or stakeholders.

Participants should bring with them, their value proposition in a presentation format (powerpoint or prezi presentations).

Workshop audience:
Entrepreneurs who are currently in scale-up stage or during start-up

Benefits from workshops to participants:
•Improved self-confidence on how to successfully present his/her value proposition
•Understand how to design the content of a presentation according to audience
•Explore modern techniques of ‘selling’ effectively an idea
•Every participant, will receive personalized feedback, on areas of improvement, that are practical and easy to implement

First Part
•Presentation of a pioneer instrument for understanding personality type (MBTI) and codification of personality profiles of each participant
•Understanding strong points and points of improvement in how I communicate my ideas
•Which body language should I use according to my audience?
•What neuroscience can teach us, regarding effectively communicating my message?
•How I tailor-made my presentation according to the personality profile of potential investors or stakeholders?

Second Part
Participants present their business ideas and receive specific feedback on areas of improvement regarding the content, the presentation techniques and body language.