Evangelia Gkrimpa

Evangelia Gkrimpa was born in Athens. She is an Honors graduate of the Department of Operational Research and Marketing at the Athens University of Economics and Business (Specialization: Public Relations), where she completed her studies in three instead of four years, due to excellence. With a scholarship from the Foundation “Alexander Onassis” and other institutions, she completed postgraduate studies (Master of Science) in the fields of: Marketing and Communication with the Use of New Technologies (Athens University of Economics and Business), Administration/Management of Health Services (National School of Public Health), Pedagogical and Training Competence & Counseling and Guidance (School of Pedagogical and Technological Education). She speaks fluently three foreign languages (English, French and Italian).

Since 2004 she has been working at the Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Shipping and Tourism (former Ministry of Development and Competitiveness), having been, among others, project manager in Operational Programs, member of Working Groups / Boards in European and International Organizations, representing her Directorate abroad and as liaison officer for foreign ministers, in cooperation with their Embassies, during the Hellenic Presidency of the Council of the European Union (January-June 2014). The last few months, she has been appointed at the Directorate of and Consumer Policy and Information Affairs of the General Secretariat for Commerce and Consumer Affairs.

In her spare time she reads literature, practices creative writing, travels and attends self-development seminars.
E-mail: egkrimpa@yahoo.com