The egg-enter•grow•go program

The egg-enter•grow•go program is a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative of Eurobank that has been designed and implemented in collaboration with Corallia. It aims to support innovative youth entrepreneurship and to strengthen employment opportunities in Greece, especially between youth people.

The program provides youth people business teams with an integrated frame of business incubation, acceleration and co-working by offering a range of supporting actions and tools that help them develop and accelerate their business ideas into an integrated and viable business product or service. Περισσότερα..


VIKOS S.A., the Epirotiki Bottling Company founded in 1990 while in 1992 started the bottling production. In the summer of 2014, VIKOS S.A. entered the refreshment beverage market by launching 8 different flavors under the brand name “Natural Mineral Refreshment VIKOS”. VIKOS S.A. operates three state-of-the-art production plans: two water and beverage bottling units, with 9 production lines and a total bottling capacity of 210,000 lt/hr, and a third unit, Petcom Plastics, specializing in the production of preform plastics. The company has further strengthened its sales and distribution teams with additional staff of expertise, and has warehousing and distribution centers in Athens and Thessaloniki through its subsidiary “IQ Brands”.

Furthermore, significant commercial agreements augment VIKOS exports to the following countries: Balkans, Europe, USA, Canada, China and the Middle East. Moreover, VIKOS investment acquisition is one of the biggest Greek soft drink companies that further enhances its position in the Greek beverage market. Περισσότερα..

Realfm 97.8

Real Group operates dynamically in recent years in the field of media.

The weekly newspaper Real News, which circulates every Sunday, and the political and financial newspaper “Agora” published every Saturday, are under Real Group’s “umbrella”.

Our radios, Realfm 97,8 (Athens) and Realfm 107,1 (Thessaloniki) are consistently first in audience ratings.

Also, Realpress publishes inserts magazines and special editions. Real Group’s presence in the media is complemented by the journalistic portal real.gr.


Industry Disruptors-Game Changers (ID-GC) is an organization established with the vision of creating of an ecosystem that fosters and promotes innovative entrepreneurship in the wider region of the Mediterranean and the Balkans, focusing on start-ups and extroversion. Our mission is to break down barriers for regional entrepreneurs that will become industry disruptors and game changers with global reach. We deliver this through a competitive process that brings together entrepreneurs, industry sponsors, and accelerators.

Our strategy is to bring together, in an effective partnership, all elements required to create the acceleration process for entrepreneurs and start-ups to fulfill their potential. Moving away from previous models of ad hoc and fragmented support, we create a complete ecosystem by bringing together knowledge, mentoring and coaching, sponsorship, investment and funding, and networking in an integrated and methodological manner. Περισσότερα..