Stavros Ioannou Senior General Manager, Member of the Strategic Planning Committee and Executive Board Eurobank

Born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1961. He has served as Head at Barclays Bank PLC with responsibility in the areas of Retail, Private Banking & Operations. In 2003 he was elected Member of the Board of Directors of Millennium Bank, responsible for Retail, Private Banking & Business Banking. In 2005 he was appointed Chief Executive Officer at Eurobank A.D. Belgrade, which he was heading for three years, until 2008, since then he continues to be a Member of the Board of Directors.

He has served as General Manager Retail Banking (2013 – 2014), Chairman of the Board of Directors of ERB IT Shared Services (2010-2014), ERB Financial Planning Services (FPS) & ERB Remedial Services (ERS) (2013 – 2014), Vice President of Eurobank Bulgaria AD (2013 – 2014), Cardlink S.A. (2013 – 2015) and Μember of the Board of Directors of SC Bancpost S.A., Romania (2012 – 2013). He was assigned with the role of Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of ERB Business Services in December 2014 and of ERB Eurolife Life Insurance and ERB Eurolife General Insurances in February 2015. He is Member of the Board of Directors of ERB Property Services since November 2013 and of ERB Insurance Group Holdings S.A. since September 2014, while he was addressed with the role of Chairman of the Board of Directors of BE – Business Exchanges S.A. in January 2014.

He holds a Degree in Business Administration from the University of Piraeus and a Masters Degree in Banking & Finance from the University of Wales, United Kingdom. He is currently a Member of the Executive Committee of the Hellenic Banking Association.