Dimitris Iakovidis Head of Planning and Evaluation Unit, Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks

Dimitris Iakovidis has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Piraeus and a Postgraduate master’s degree in European Economy and Management from the University of Strasbourg. His PhD was entitled “Regional Inequalities in Greece and European Regional Policy (University of Paris IIIX)

• Coordination of the planning and training for the Partnership Agreement(PA) and the Operational Programs(OP) 2014-2020
• Participation in the negotiation and adoption by the EU.
• Quantification methodology to measure goals of the PA and the operational programs – Coordination of all those involved in the preparation of operational programs for the quantified targets (outcome indicators and Result – Negotiation with the EU for approval of indicators and targets) .
• Provision of guidance on the specification of the OP ‘s
• Coordination of monitoring policies and quantifiable targets that are established under the Ops
• Monitoring the implementation of the OP’s and configuration of the proposal for the need to review the existing policies and programs; providing guidance in revising the OP’s.
• Preparation of the action plan for the evaluation of operational programs of the NSRF or the PA and providing guidance in the evaluation of the OP’s (ex ante, on going).
• Cooperation with the EU to draw up the ex post evaluation.
• Drafting of the report NSRF Monitoring Strategy
• Provision of guidance on the preparation of annual reports of Op’s and the closing report.
• Calculation methodology and monitoring of the commitments’ compliance according the principle of additionality (ex ante, during and ex post).
• Organization of the Conference of Presidents of the NSRF Monitoring Committees.
• Preparation of the organization of the Monitoring Committees of OP’s
• Monitoring of the conditionalities’ fulfillment